Summer Holiday Season Window Displays!

Summer Holiday Season Window Displays!

I do like a fresh new window display.

I guess I change them around 4 times throughout the season, it helps to show off the stock range and changing the display means it stays eye catching for people who walk past regularly.

This window is showcasing my handmade lampshades...

I now have 20 lampshade designs, all my own work, printed onto high quality 100% cotton twill fabric and made into a wide variety of unique lampshades.

If you want something a bit different in your house that you can't find on the high street ...or on amazon!  then this is the place for you.

See all my lampshade designs here.

The other window has original art, prints, beach towels and general homewares...

There are a few designs which have made it onto various products, this window display has a collection of my soul surfer design products, mugs, tea towels, worktop savers and oven gloves but there are more in store including wash bags, coasters, beach towels and cushions...the list goes on! There's also a few of the aerial surfer design products in this window too.

In the evening the windows are lit up with both the lamps and the LED starburst lights which are also available in store.



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