New Signage is up!

New Signage is up!

I have been contemplating new signage for quite a while now and just recently decided to go for it and use my own name above the door!

It's surprisingly difficult for me to basically say out loud for all to see and hear,

'Hey! this is me and this is what I do'

...I don't know why, it feels exposing and boastful and open to judgement, all those things you try to protect yourself from but I'm listening to my other brave and confident brain so here goes... feel free to analyze that!

Branding is very important, especially these days with the business spread across the bricks and mortar shop, the website and social media.

I'm hoping that pulling everything together under my own name will unify my work across all platforms. 


Here in Woolacombe the shop is just off the main drag, around the corner from the beach.

It's a tiny village, with only 3 roads of shops so it's crazy to think that many people don't venture far enough to find me tucked away on South street so hopefully this new sign will help people to explore a bit further!


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