New Collab Project with Barricane Boards...

New Collab Project with Barricane Boards...

It's been a pleasure to team up and create!

Barricane boards are beautifully hand crafted traditional birch ply belly boards made on the outskirts of Woolacombe, North Devon.

Wonderfully vintage and eco friendly, these boards are totally functional as belly boards which will not only last you a lifetime, but will also look great as wall art in any modern interior.

So one day we got our heads together and decided to try a little collaboration project to create a beautiful display board painted with one of my aerial surfer designs.

The result was way better than I hoped and was very well received by all you lovely followers too. The bold blues look great against the natural wood creating an eye catching but classic combination.

No.1 in the series has actually already sold so stand by for No.2 coming soon!




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