Cradled wood panels and floating frames

Cradled wood panels and floating frames

Since January I have been working on cradled wood panels instead of canvas...

I love the way the paint lays on the smooth surface and the crispness of the edges and now I've sourced these fantastic white floating frames to give them a great finish, ready to hang.


I have spent the last 3 months working on these 30cm square panels with views of North Devon (and the odd one a little further afield!) 

Working smaller than usual has allowed me to continue to develop a more simplified style and the experimentation has been very freeing. Working from sketchbook studies helps to get the feel of a place across without being distracted by detail and I have discovered that I love the crispness of the edges of the wood and the way they hang together in sets, all being the same size. 

Altogether I have produced about 25 and there are definitely more in the pipeline. 


The floating frames accentuate that sharp edge and the white lifts the colours while keeping a coastal vibe.

You can check out available originals here or get in touch direct with any questions!


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