Barricane Board Collab News

Barricane Board Collab News

Original handmade Barricane board collabs are in big demand!

My unique hand painted aerial surfers look awesome paired with these retro style wooden belly boards.

I have been steadily working away on a series of these boards since the success of the first one back in May this year.

No. 5 has just been shipped out and No. 6 will be masked up ready to paint next week!

The turquoise shades and swirly free form nature of the base painting contrast beautifully with the wood creating a cool retro vibe and the accent colours on the boards or shorts give a nice splash of colour. Each board is different.

I love a tape pull, the satisfaction of that crisp line framing the artwork...


There is currently a waiting list on these boards so if you are interested drop me a message and I can add your name. The finished boards are £179.00

The boards are hand painted in my shop studio and the artwork is coated with a matt varnish to give it some protection however these boards are for display only, although the boards are built to use in the water, unfortunately the artwork would scratch off over time.


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